Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jaylie - 9 months

Jaylie is now 9 months old now! Wow! Kristina and I took Jaylie to her 9 month checkup a week ago and all is well. At that time Jaylie was just getting over a bug that made her poo a lot but is doing a lot better now. One of the surprised we found while Jaylie was sick is she LOVED to drink Pedialyte from a bottle! The first full bottle Jaylie drank was a bottle of Pedialyte while she was sick! Since then (about a week now) Jayile has been doing a lot better with oral feeding praise God!

Jaylie is just under 13 lbs now and over 24 inches long. She is barely on the growth charts but her growth curve is really good.

After Jaylie got better, a long with eating more orally she has decided to yell and make baby noises, hi-pitch baby noises, yay...

On a side note, Kristina got some comments from strangers asking how old 'he' is and so she decided she wanted to put headbands on Jaylie. Kristina started looking around for headbands but could not find any for a reasonable price and so looked to start making them herself. With the support of family, Kristina and family have made a bunch of headbands and have started selling them. Most of the pictures you see now of Jaylie she'll have a new stylish headband on in. Jaylie looks to be loving wearing them. If you are interested in a headband send us a message.

Prayer requests: Jaylie's growth and development. Clarity, favor and direction for Kristina and I's career paths over the next couple of months. Kristina is slated to go back to full time work around the October time frame but would like to continue to work part time. In order for Kristina to continue to work part time we need to make enough money to cover the month expenses with her NOT working full time. God has enabled us to have Kristina work part time for the last six months or so. This are starting to slow down now. We need God to open a door to continue to allow Kristina to work part time.

As always, thank you so much for your prayers and support! Your pray and support is priceless! Thank you SO MUCH!

Nathan, Kristina & Jaylie

Pictures from August: HERE

PS, here is a face book post from earlier in the month of all those not on facebook much:

Life story (warning graphic content). So I get done working at 3ish AM
this morning, hit the couch to try and get a couple hours of sleep
before my wife leaves at 830am to go to a drs apt leaving me to watch
our 9 month old daughter. Well, as life would have it, i was woken up
several times before my wife left me with Jaylie at 830. Doesn't sound
fun so far right... It gets better!

Jaylie was kind enough to allow me to sleep a bit while she slept
until a little after 10 before she decided she needed her diaper
changed. So I get up and take Jaylie down stairs to change her diaper
hoping we can go back to sleep afterwards.

I start to change Jaylie's diaper and find it is completely full of
stinky black stuff. As I carefully juggle Jaylie, the dirty diaper,
the clean diaper and wipes Jaylie decides she needs to poo some more
and so she does, all over the new clean diaper and the changing
station. I think to myself, "crap, that sucks". I then continue to
attempt to clean Jaylie up and minimize her contact with the poo,
Jaylie rewards my efforts my pooping again, yes a third time at this
point. At this moment in time poo is every where EXCEPT the carpet. I
think to myself, "at least she didn't project on to the carpet".

Not more than a moment later while I am still trying to keep Jaylie
out of the poo and successfully change her diaper the unthinkable
happens, Jaylie sends a stream of black projectile poo flying out of
the changing table and on to the floor... Crap... At this point I give
up on trying to keep Jaylie out of the poo because it's every where.

After Jaylie poos on everything in sight, I take Jaylie and stick her
on a towel on the bathroom floor while I get the resolve out and douse
the black poo covered carpet in hopes it will not stain. I then work
for the next 90 minutes cleaning up the poop covered pack-and-play,
poo covered Jaylie and poo covered carpet. These moments in life
remind me why there is a holiday just for fathers and mothers, we
deserve it!