Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jaylie - 2yrs old

Happy holidays!

Jaylie is doing well. She is up and walking around now. No more crawling :).

Jaylie is continuing to grow and develop. We have made some progress with eating and drinking but not enough to where she is eating and drinking regularly. Jaylie still takes little sips of stuff and itty bitty tastes of stuff.

Jaylie LOVES to read books at the moment. She will pick a book up and come waddeling over to whomever will read it to her as fast as she can. As soon as you are done reading the book to her she waddels over to the books as fast as she can, gets another one and comes right back as fast as she can :). It's adorable watching her get so excited about reading books.

Christmas has come and gone. Jaylie was very blessed and received many gifts from friends and family -- thank you very much!

Jaylie has shown some interest in opening gifts but no major excitement. The gift she was most excited about this year was a soft fluffy butterfly pillow pet from her aunt Amy. Jaylie shook, screamed with excitement and then bit it's nose upon opening it and feeling it's soft fluffy cover. This was Jaylie's first healthy Christmas of which she thoroughly enjoyed -- thank you all for helping to make it so!

We are days away from the completion of 2011. 2011 has been a wonderful year for Jaylie. We hope pray and expect many more positive years and even better years to come (positive thinking really does work :) ).

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We could not have gotten to this point without them. We are eagerly looking forward to what the future has in store for us.

Happy New Year everybody!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Pictures of Jaylie's second birthday party: Jaylie's 2nd Bday Party

A couple of recent pictures:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jaylie - 23 months

Jaylie is doing really good. She is up and walking to the best of her abilities, very vocal and making audible sounds to communicate likes and dislikes.

Jaylie has made some slight progress with putting food in her mouth. She has tasted popcorn and gummy bears on her own but hasn't eaten anything yet. Jaylie has made some improvements in drinking some liquids as well.

We went to Children's hospital today to meet with the Neurologist and Nutritionist.

Both the Neurologist and Nutritionist were very pleased with Jaylie's growth and development since they saw her last (in April of this year) and encouraged us to continue to do whatever it is we are doing because it is working well -- thank you Jesus!

The Nutritionist mentioned we could start feeding Jaylie some blended foods and gave us some material on how to formulate and prepare blended foods properly. I am super stoked to try some blended food stuff! We have a super blender (not the official name) from blentec that will turn anything into liquid :). I am excited to get to use it to blend up foods for Jaylie :)

Jaylie growth and development is on the 'regular' 0-2 years old growth charts (woot woot!). She is in the 3 percentile for height and weight and the 40th percentile for length to weight proportion -- Jayile is growing well at a normal pace :)

Jaylie will be 2 years old here on the 18th! Wow, can you believe it's been 2 years already!?!

On Nov 19th Jaylie will have her very first 'healthy' birthday! We are super stoked to be able to have and host a birthday for Jaylie during which we don't have any major medical issues to be wary about!

Jaylie is infatuated with Elmo and Curious George right now so we are going to have an Elmo themed birthday party.

If you would like to attend Jayile's 2nd (but really her first health) birthday party please send Kristina and email so we can get you an invitation. Kristina can be reached at: kjeffre < at > gmail dot com

Thank you all for the prayer and support, it really has paid off!

We really appreciate your prayer and support!

Hopefully you can make it to Jayile's 2nd birthday party, if not, we wish you all the best and Happy Holidays!


Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Here are a couple of recent pictures:

Above picture taken by our good friends Mike and Sara Kippen. If you need any photography or videography work done, Mike and Sara @ mkippen.com come HIGHLY recommened! Check out their site for more info: http://www.mkippen.com

The below are curtosy of the dearly beloved Steve Job's and his/my iPhone

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jaylie - 22 months

Jaylie is doing well. The visit with the neurologist went very well. The neurologist was very pleased with Jaylie's overall development and growth -- in-fact, the neurologist was ecstatic with Jaylie's overall growth and development :) God is good!

Jaylie growth is starting to show up on the growth charts, yay!

Are part of Jaylie's physical therapy, the therapists decided Jaylie needed some orthotics for her shoes to help with stability in her ankles. Since Jaylie has been wearing her orthotics, her stability has improved greatly, she has even taken some steps on her own! It is only a matter of time before she is walking around, woot woot!

picture of the orthotics:

Jaylie is starting to make some word to object association. Jaylie really likes computers, iPads and iPhones. We have a bubble game on our iPads and iPhone. Jaylie loves the bubble game and says 'bubble' while playing it.

Jaylie playing on her keyboard:

Jaylie is taking baby steps towards eating. She puts some food objects in here mouth like chips and some other things but does not chew them nor swallow them. Jaylie will drink very very small drops of some liquids sometime, but drinks them non the less. The Dr's say it may take Jaylie several more years to start eating regularly (boo...).

On a not so fun note, Jaylie has decided she doesn't like to go to bed anymore. Every time we start to get her ready for bed she starts to cry and gets really upset -- no fun at all, but a good sign as she is expressing she self and her dislikes :D

Overall Jaylie is doing really well! Thank you Lord!

We are coming up on her 2 year birthday, can you believe it!

Our 1lb 3oz 11inch Jaylie is now 24lbs 31 inches!

Jaylie has been seizure free this year, thank you Jesus!

Please keep Jaylie's development and growth in your prayers, it's working!!! :D

Thank you so much for your prayer and support!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jaylie - 21 months

Jaylie is doing well. She is growing and learning.

Jaylie's oral feeding is still progressing, though we still have plenty of work to do.

We have another appointment with the Neurologist next month to discuss the MRI Jaylie had last month to look at her hippocampus growth and white matter effects from the vigabatrin use.

To-date, there has been no seizure activity which is absolutely amazing and a true answer to prayer!!! If you remember back several months ago, the Neurologist advised there was a 50/50 chance of seizures coming back. I know we are only a couple months out from completely coming off vigabatrin, but everyday that is seizure free is a blessing, thank you Jesus!

We've had a good summer thus far. We've done a couple of cool things with Jaylie including her first road trip and jetboat ride. Jaylie had a great time on the road trip, and half of a great time on the jetboat :)

Thank you for all your prayer and support! You are amazing!

Nathan, Kristina & Jaylie

Here are some new pictures of Jaylie. She is getting bigger, pretty amazing when you think about how far we have come eh :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jaylie - 19 months - Vigabatrin Month 6 (Last month)

Jaylie is doing well, still growing and developing. We are still working with Jaylie on walking, talking and eating. Jaylie is not eating anything by mouth. We are hoping this will change when once we completely taper off the vigabatrin here in a couple of weeks. The plan is to continue on the zonisamide. The neurologist advised tapering off the vigabatrin has a 50/50 chance of seizures returning. A 50/50 percentage is not a good percentage when you are referring to seizure activity... Thus far we have not see any seizure activity pop up, praise God!

Jaylie is continuing her weekly occupational therapist and an oral therapist visits.

Jaylie is motoring around the house (crawling) and pulling her self up on everything we let her.

There is no real major news to report, which is actually a really good thing :). It is nice to have a somewhat 'normal' period of time without any major events happening, praise the Lord!

The eye Doctor wants Jaylie to wear some corrective eye glasses, if she will wear them, to address a slight issue with her right eye but said it would not be a major issue if Jaylie decides she does not want to wear them.

Please continue to keep Jaylie's development, growth and health in your prayers. We are praying God would complete heal Jaylie of all seizure activity.

As always, thank you SO much for your prayer and support!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Here's a new pic with Jaylie's new frames (the lens' are on order).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jaylie - 18 months - Vigabatrin Month 5

Jaylie is doing well. She is crawling around a lot, very talkative, making lots of different audible ah, ha, ma, na, da kind of sounds with an occasional dada, mama, nana but no real word association yet, that I have seen.

We went to Children's hospital at the end of April to switch over Jaylie's care to Children's. The visit went very well. The Dr's are great and very through. We are really pleased with Children's.

While we met with the neurological Dr at Children's, he gave us some very good advice and some encouraging reminders.

One of the key points I took from the neurologist at Children's was one of his comments on Jaylie's two week intensive therapy session and the results we saw during the session. The Dr advised not to take the two week intensive therapy sessions results as a sign advising we need to have Jaylie in therapy very day to see results. The Dr advised studies have shown what we are currently doing (Jaylie's twice weekly therapy sessions) were more then enough and exactly what we needed to be doing. What I found amazing about these recommendations and advise is it came unsolicited -- Kristina nor I had any discussion about Jaylie's intense therapy sessions nor discussion how we felt about them nor how these events made us feel post completion of the session. The Dr just knew what to say and what issues to address before we even knew they were there -- that is really cool to me and the sign of a someone whom is excellent at that they do.

The Dr advised not to compare Jaylie to other children of the same age. The Dr explained it this way, Jaylie is on her own track in this race. While racing, all the other kids are traveling 100 miles an hours, hitting growth and developmental milestones at certain intervals due to the speed being traveled. Jaylie is hitting those same developmental milestones but at her own space, say like traveling at 60 miles an hour instead of 100 miles an hours. The Dr went on to explain he is more concerned with children that completely stop developing, or start to go backwards. The Dr stated growth and development is a good thing no matter what the pace may be. This feedback from the Dr came not because we expressed any concern with Jaylie's development but came from the Dr's insight into these issues and experience. This information was another very valuable piece of information and very helpful perspective to adopt.

These two keys pieces of information (Jaylie's therapy scheduling and developmental path) were two major issues of which were not at the forefront of my conscientiousness. They were there amongst all the other day-to-day issues we face. The neurologist strategically chose these issues to address at the perfect timing before any negativity or wrong thinking sunk in and started to root. The meeting with the neurologist was very good and crushed some ill thinking before it even started, which I find very cool and awesomeness -- thank you Jesus!

At the end of April, the neurologist advised, from what he could see of Jaylie's development, overall she had matured into the 6-9 month range. He was pleased with her growth and development and encouraged us to continue to do exactly what we were doing with Jaylie.

Jaylie is crawling all around the house now. She is crawling up to things and pulling her self up to stand. She is still a really happy social baby. She's got ton's of teeth. Her attitude and personality is developing more and more each day. She gets frustrated with some not being able to move things or herself around into the positions she wants to at times but is a fighter and ultimately gets where she wants or moves on to something else.

Jaylie is scheduled to end the vigabatrin treatment in June. We meet with the neurologist at Swedish within the next couple of weeks to do another EEG and discuss or treatment plan for the infantile spasms. At this time Jaylie is doing great, growing and developing and seizure free, praise God!

Thank you so much for your prayer and support! It is priceless and most-of-all, effective! Thanks again!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Some recent pictures:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jaylie 16 months - vigabatrin month 4

Hello, it's been a while, my apologizes. I started this blog towards the end of March but as many of you know, life moves so fast - days, weeks and months flash by before you realize it...

Jaylie is doing awesome considering she was born @ 1lb 3 oz almost 17 months ago! As a reminder of how good God is and how amazing He is, He has helped us to battle extreme prematurity, Infantile Spasms (a catastrophic form of epilepsy) and cerebral palsy just to name a couple of major mountains we've face in the last 17 months - wow, yah!?!

What's happening now:

Things are well overall :). We are overjoyed to report Jaylie is now crawling, yay! Jaylie participates in physical therapy at home with a therapist twice a week to work on oral eating and mobility. Jaylie was recently selected as a candidate to participate in a two week long daily therapy training for therapists. This event happens once a or twice a year (I don't recall off the top of my head) during which top Dr's and therapists come in and train our local therapists on new training techniques. During this two week therapist training session Jaylie learned to crawl. We can't thank the therapists enough for all their hard work these last two weeks - most of all we can't thank grandma Debbey enough for taking Jaylie and working with Jaylie during therapy for the last two weeks. This last two weeks of training has been a priceless gift. Many many thanks to all that participated and most of all thank you Lord for giving us the opportunity and helping Jaylie grow and develop!

Jaylie's bubbly personality is starting to come out more. She laughs and gives out full faced smiles all the time. She was the life of the therapy sessions with her positive and infectious laughter and smiles.

Jaylie is not eating yet but is starting to play with solid foods biting and chewing on them - go Jaylie go!

We recently switched a majority of Jaylie's Dr's over to Children's in Seattle based on Dr's recommendations. Our first visit to the children's GI Dr was a huge relief. The GI Dr advised as to why Jaylie has been spitting up, explained all the current available surgeries and medications to address the problem and them explained why we did not need to do any of them. He explained the reason Jaylie has reflux the way she does is due to her stomach not being stretched out due to her not eating and the sphincter muscle at the top of her stomach not contracting to hold her food in. The Dr explained this is a common problem even adults face of which Jaylie should grow out of over the next couple of years, yes years. The Dr said it usually take 2-3 years to completely overcome this problem and that the reflux will start to get better after Jaylie starts to eat solid foods.

The GI Dr adjusted Jaylie's night intake through the feeding pump we have her on to give Jaylie more food at night and less volume during the day. This adjustment has helped quite a bit with Jaylie spitting up.


Jaylie is on the vigabatrin, zonisamide and a couple anti acid medications. The vigabatrin has worked well to control the infantile spasms. We are slated to taper of the vigabatrin in May and June.


Overall things are going well. We thank you for your continued prayer and support. We really value and appreciate your prayer and support! We could not do it without you!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

PS: I mentioned in my last blog my dad was battling colon cancer. He went through surgery during which the Dr's were able to remove the cancer. He now is going through 6 months of chemotherapy. He is in good spirits and doing as well as one can. Thank you for your prayer and support!

Here are a couple of new pictures of Jaylie:

Monday, February 28, 2011

Jaylie - 15 months - Vigabatrin month 2

Since our last blog Jaylie has been doing well. Jaylie is growing, maturing and has been seizure free (yay!)! To date the vigabatrin has done an excellent job of normalizing Jaylie’s EEG patterns. Jaylie's daily medication intake has been dropped to only two medications a day (not counting prescribed vitamins and such ), which is awesome seeing how in December we had 11 daily prescriptions to administer! The routine number of Dr’s visits we attend has been cut down from 3 times a week to monthly and even quarterly for several of the 8 + Doctors Jaylie is currently being seen by. Right now the plan is to continue the vigabatrin until June, slowly introduce zonisamide back into Jaylie’s system and then continue on the zonisamide after we stop the vigabatrin in June.

Jaylie is still not eating regularly orally, but is eating very tiny amounts of whatever we can get her to eat. We are making progress slowly.

Jaylie is starting to get up on her hands and knees and rock around, she has become a lot more vocal and likes to move around lot though she has not become mobile yet. Jaylie sees an occupational therapist twice weekly to help with movement, oral feeding and development.

Jaylie has lost a little bit of weight, which has caused per pediatrician to become concerned and so the pediatrician has bumped up Jaylie’s daily calorie intake. It is not a major weight loss, just something we are keeping our eye on at this point.

Jaylie has had to have a couple follow-up EEG’s and one MRI over the last couple of weeks to monitor her brain activity while on the vigabatrin. The EEG’s have improved and the MRI did not show any ill effects from the vigabatrin. While reviewing the MRI results, the neurologist noticed Jaylie’s hippocampus (part of the brain that controls short and long term memory) was not completely developed which is concerning and can cause developmental problems if the hippocampus does not develop completely. The neurologist is not overly concerned at this point but is concerned none-the-less. Part of the underdevelopment of Jaylie’s hippocampus has to do with her being extremely premature and so the neurologist is going to do another follow-up MRI in 6 months to check Jaylie’s brain development again.

Please keep Jaylie’s developmental progress in your prayers. We have a long way to go and many more years of work to ensure Jaylie has the best quality of life possible. Also, my father (Michael) was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in Dec. He underwent surgery in Jan to has a cancerous mass removed. He is recovering well and will be staring chemotherapy in an effort to completely eliminate the cancer from his body. If you would include my dad (Michael) in your prayers as well we would appreciate it!

As always, thank you so much for all your pray and support! We would not have been able to make it to this point without your prayer and support. Thank you!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jaylie - 14 months old - vigabatrin day 44

Happy New Year!

Overall Jaylie is doing really well. The vigabatrin has really been affective. Jaylie's brain activity has almost completely normalized. Jaylie has continued to be seizure free while on the vigabatrin. We will continue to use the vigabatrin for the next 6 months or so.

Jaylie has lost all of the swelling that happened during the ACTH use, has leaned out a bit and gotten longer. Jaylie's appearance is changing rapidly every couple of days. 

Jaylie is still not eating orally and still spitting up a bunch. We are working with Jaylie to get her to start eating orally again. Progress has been pretty slow with the oral eating stuff. 

Jaylie, myself and Kristina have been off and on sick from around Christmas time until now but we are getting better. 

The occupational therapist is working with us and Jaylie to help Jaylie with eating and movement. We are working with Jaylie on sitting, standing and crawling. Jaylie is able to sit and stand with support but is still not crawling or mobile yet. 

Jaylie is laughing, moving around, playing and a lot more vocal making dada and other short syllable sounds. 

The last couple of weeks has been pretty crazy and intense with the holidays and such. Though we thoroughly enjoy the holidays, I am glad to be in the new year and working on establishing a new 'normal'. If you recall, this crazy roller coaster of seizures and an Infantile Spasms diagnosis started at the beginning of October. We were not sure what the holidays were going to be like with Jaylie being sick and the medical treatments we had to go through... We are happy to be starting a new year healthier then we ended the previous year. It feels like we have turned a new chapter and are on working towards establishing a new day-to-day routine. 

Thank you for all your prayer and support! We really appreciate you all!

Nathan, Kristina and baby Jaylie