Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jaylie - 23 months

Jaylie is doing really good. She is up and walking to the best of her abilities, very vocal and making audible sounds to communicate likes and dislikes.

Jaylie has made some slight progress with putting food in her mouth. She has tasted popcorn and gummy bears on her own but hasn't eaten anything yet. Jaylie has made some improvements in drinking some liquids as well.

We went to Children's hospital today to meet with the Neurologist and Nutritionist.

Both the Neurologist and Nutritionist were very pleased with Jaylie's growth and development since they saw her last (in April of this year) and encouraged us to continue to do whatever it is we are doing because it is working well -- thank you Jesus!

The Nutritionist mentioned we could start feeding Jaylie some blended foods and gave us some material on how to formulate and prepare blended foods properly. I am super stoked to try some blended food stuff! We have a super blender (not the official name) from blentec that will turn anything into liquid :). I am excited to get to use it to blend up foods for Jaylie :)

Jaylie growth and development is on the 'regular' 0-2 years old growth charts (woot woot!). She is in the 3 percentile for height and weight and the 40th percentile for length to weight proportion -- Jayile is growing well at a normal pace :)

Jaylie will be 2 years old here on the 18th! Wow, can you believe it's been 2 years already!?!

On Nov 19th Jaylie will have her very first 'healthy' birthday! We are super stoked to be able to have and host a birthday for Jaylie during which we don't have any major medical issues to be wary about!

Jaylie is infatuated with Elmo and Curious George right now so we are going to have an Elmo themed birthday party.

If you would like to attend Jayile's 2nd (but really her first health) birthday party please send Kristina and email so we can get you an invitation. Kristina can be reached at: kjeffre < at > gmail dot com

Thank you all for the prayer and support, it really has paid off!

We really appreciate your prayer and support!

Hopefully you can make it to Jayile's 2nd birthday party, if not, we wish you all the best and Happy Holidays!


Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Here are a couple of recent pictures:

Above picture taken by our good friends Mike and Sara Kippen. If you need any photography or videography work done, Mike and Sara @ mkippen.com come HIGHLY recommened! Check out their site for more info: http://www.mkippen.com

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