Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jaylie - 2yrs old

Happy holidays!

Jaylie is doing well. She is up and walking around now. No more crawling :).

Jaylie is continuing to grow and develop. We have made some progress with eating and drinking but not enough to where she is eating and drinking regularly. Jaylie still takes little sips of stuff and itty bitty tastes of stuff.

Jaylie LOVES to read books at the moment. She will pick a book up and come waddeling over to whomever will read it to her as fast as she can. As soon as you are done reading the book to her she waddels over to the books as fast as she can, gets another one and comes right back as fast as she can :). It's adorable watching her get so excited about reading books.

Christmas has come and gone. Jaylie was very blessed and received many gifts from friends and family -- thank you very much!

Jaylie has shown some interest in opening gifts but no major excitement. The gift she was most excited about this year was a soft fluffy butterfly pillow pet from her aunt Amy. Jaylie shook, screamed with excitement and then bit it's nose upon opening it and feeling it's soft fluffy cover. This was Jaylie's first healthy Christmas of which she thoroughly enjoyed -- thank you all for helping to make it so!

We are days away from the completion of 2011. 2011 has been a wonderful year for Jaylie. We hope pray and expect many more positive years and even better years to come (positive thinking really does work :) ).

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We could not have gotten to this point without them. We are eagerly looking forward to what the future has in store for us.

Happy New Year everybody!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Pictures of Jaylie's second birthday party: Jaylie's 2nd Bday Party

A couple of recent pictures: