Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jaylie - 22 months

Jaylie is doing well. The visit with the neurologist went very well. The neurologist was very pleased with Jaylie's overall development and growth -- in-fact, the neurologist was ecstatic with Jaylie's overall growth and development :) God is good!

Jaylie growth is starting to show up on the growth charts, yay!

Are part of Jaylie's physical therapy, the therapists decided Jaylie needed some orthotics for her shoes to help with stability in her ankles. Since Jaylie has been wearing her orthotics, her stability has improved greatly, she has even taken some steps on her own! It is only a matter of time before she is walking around, woot woot!

picture of the orthotics:

Jaylie is starting to make some word to object association. Jaylie really likes computers, iPads and iPhones. We have a bubble game on our iPads and iPhone. Jaylie loves the bubble game and says 'bubble' while playing it.

Jaylie playing on her keyboard:

Jaylie is taking baby steps towards eating. She puts some food objects in here mouth like chips and some other things but does not chew them nor swallow them. Jaylie will drink very very small drops of some liquids sometime, but drinks them non the less. The Dr's say it may take Jaylie several more years to start eating regularly (boo...).

On a not so fun note, Jaylie has decided she doesn't like to go to bed anymore. Every time we start to get her ready for bed she starts to cry and gets really upset -- no fun at all, but a good sign as she is expressing she self and her dislikes :D

Overall Jaylie is doing really well! Thank you Lord!

We are coming up on her 2 year birthday, can you believe it!

Our 1lb 3oz 11inch Jaylie is now 24lbs 31 inches!

Jaylie has been seizure free this year, thank you Jesus!

Please keep Jaylie's development and growth in your prayers, it's working!!! :D

Thank you so much for your prayer and support!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie