Monday, January 11, 2010

Jaylie - Day 54 - week 35 1/7

I apologize I have not posted anything new within the last 10+days, but in this case no news is good news :). Jaylie is now 2lbs 12.5oz = 1261 grams and 13.5 inches long! She'll be hitting 3lbs here in no time! Jaylie has had some slight ups and down but overall it doing very well. They put her back on a low dose of vapotherm because her lungs were not opening up completely when she was breathing on her own showing Jaylie needs just a little bit more help with the lung development but over all is doing really well.

Jaylie is getting WAY bigger and cuter (not that she wasn't adorable already)! Jaylie starting to fill out more and plump up like little healthy babies do.

Jaylie is still on track to come home around the mid February time frame, maybe early March.

Kristina and I are preparing our lives and home for our new arrival, going out and buying baby furniture and setting up the house in anticipation for our little girl to come home.

I took a couple new pictures with my phone and posted them on facebook. Here is one of them:

I took some better pictures with my REAL camera I will post this week. She is growing SO fast now its AWESOME!

As ALWAYS, we really do appreciate all the prayer, love and support we have received from each and everyone of you. You all have been priceless gifts in our lives. Kristina, myself nor Jaylie would NOT be in the place we are now without you all! We love you all from the bottoms of our gracious hearts! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

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  1. Glad to hear she is doing well, I was concerned! That's great that she's gaining weight faster now--you probably never thought that 3 pounds sounded like a lot!