Monday, February 15, 2010

Jaylie - Day 90 - week 40 2/7

This last week has been a good week. Jaylie has grown in size and weight. Jaylie is now +1900 grams = 4lbs 3ozs, yay!

The Dr's are talking about doing the contrast tests again of Jaylie's intestinal track to see if everything is moving through in a healthy way.

This week Jaylie had a some stool in her diaper (which is a good thing). That means the lower intestinal track is functioning somewhat, as to how much it is functioning the Dr's will test over the next week by GI contrast tests and if those go well the Dr's will start refeeding (refeeding is not a subject for the faint of heart. To read some context on what refeeding is and how it's done you can read these nurses comments: refeeding) to engage the lower intestinal track to see how the lower intestinal track is behaving. If all goes well (refeeding and testing) the surgeon will reform another surgery to reconnect the ileostomy. There were be a 10 day or so recovery period after the surgery, after the recovery, if all goes well, Jaylie would then be able to come home yay! There are ALOT of if's in there, but overall things are going well. Jaylie is growing and maturing.

As always, thank you so much for your pray and support! It it appreciated beyond words!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

I have posted some new pictures from this week: HERE .

Here is a picture from this week:

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  1. I love that picture. I'm praying you'll be able to take her home soon!