Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jaylie - Day 25 - week 31 1/7

Week 31! Yay!

This week was a really good week (thank you Jesus!)! Jaylie is doing really well. As of today (12/12/2009) Jaylie is 750 grams (1lb 10.5oz)! Very cool! Kristina and I have been able to participate more with Jaylie's care times doing things like diaper changes, taking her temperature, helping change her bedding/wraps and able to interact and touch her more. Kristina's mom got to hold Jaylie this week for quite a good while which was really cool. Being able to interact with Jaylie more is helping us as parents, and the family the hospital will allow in, to bond with Jaylie. It has been a really good week with Jaylie of with we are very appreciative of all whom have participated to help make it so -- most of all God for giving us the opportunity to share a healthy and happy week with our daughter.

This week the Dr's came back and said the head ultrasounds are no longer showing bleeding in the brain and the original diagnosis of breeding on the brain may not have been correct. The Dr's believe there was bleeding of the left ventricular (a major vein running through the brain) which has healed. What does this mean? To be honest, I'm not completely sure - all I know is what they originally thought 'could' have been a major problem is no longer considered a problem, things have improved, there is no need to do additional tests for this particular problem, yay!

Over the last two weeks we have been blessed with being able to share Jaylie's care times with my mom, Kristina' mom, my Dad, Angela (my step mom) and our pastor's. These are special times for us, the nurses and Jaylie. We are honored to be able to share these moments with some of the people we love and love Jaylie. Thank you all!

I can't express how wonderful it is to experience times of healing growth like we have this last week. Getting to this point has been a hard road, a taxing road, making enjoying the small quite bonding moments with Jaylie priceless. Kristina and I still have a long road ahead of us, full on uncertainty and trying challenges. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Your prayers and support have been a major factor in sustaining us to this point. Thank you SO much!

We wish you and your families the very best this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

I've added a couple more pic's to Jaylie's album. You can view them HERE

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  1. From one set of current NICU parents to another...GREAT NEWS!! :) So happy they misdiagnosed the brain bleeding!! Y'all have been doing this a week longer than we have, so God love you, because this is not easy. Am so excited they are letting you get more involved in the care, I never knew changing a diaper or taking your babies temperature could be so exciting until it was one of the few things we get to do with our babies. I love following Jaylie's blog and know you and Kristina are two tough cookies! One day, our two little ones will have fun playing together...hopefully sooner than later! Blessings to the Jeffrey's!

    Julie, Andre & Spencer (born at 29 weeks)

  2. Thank you! We will have to schedule a play date forsure! :)