Monday, December 21, 2009

Jaylie first photoshoot w/Santa

Swedish is an awesome hospital! So is the march of dimes organization! Combined they provide a visit with Santa bedside for Jaylie with a photographer to take pictures. I of course brought my camera to share in the moment. Below is a link to Jaylie's album where I've posted some pictures from today's event.

Thank you Swedish and march of dimes!

Truly priceless!

Jaylies album: HERE

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  1. Dear Kristina and Nathan,

    I've been following your story since your first post on Baby Center. I'm so happy that everything thing is going so well for baby Jaylie. God is truly faithful! My husband and I went through a similar situation as you. We lost a baby this year, she was born at 23 weeks, and was only with us for 5 days. There is no medical explanation why she came so early, but we believe it was all in Gods plans. And that it was not in vain. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with another baby girl and I'm having a prefect pregnancy. God is always faithful in His promises! I know how hard it is a parent to go through the journey you're going through. It's a tiresome journey, but well worth it. I pray that God gives you guys the strength and courage to make it through this journey. Jaylie is beautiful baby girl and her life will always be a testimony of God's goodness. Wishing you a blessed holiday season! Keep the good news coming!