Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jaylie - Day 110 - week 43 2/7

This week is a big week for Jaylie. We had our second care conference with the Dr's and nurses last week. During the care conference the decision was made to perform Jaylie's ileostomy reversal surgery (were the close up the loop of bowel they opened up with the first surgery). The decision was also made to implant a gtube ( Gastric Feeding Tube) to administer Jaylie's feeds post surgery because Jaylie is not able to take full feeds via a bottle yet. Jaylie is scheduled for her reversal surgery this Friday the 12th. While the surgeon is performing the reversal surgery the surgeon will put in the G-tube as well.

The will be a 5 or so day recovery period form the surgery, then the Dr's and nurses will work on getting Jaylie back up to full feeds (post surgery they will take Jaylie off of feeds for about 5 days). After Jaylie has recovered and is taking full feeds well they will the let her come home! YAY!

Jaylie has a bunch of tests the Dr's are going to perform in prep for the reversal surgery this Friday -- Jaylie has a busy week this week.

Please keep Jaylie's surgeries in your prayers -- a quick and healthy recovery would be awesome! :)

Please also keep Jaylie's development (specifically around her being able to take full bottle feeds asap and her ability to swallow, breath and suck all at the same time) in your prayers.

Jaylie is coming along great! We've still have a hurtles to overcome. The next hurtles are more long term growth and development hurtles.

Jaylie weight right around 2400 grams now which is right around 5lbs 4oz :).

As always, thank you SO much for your prayer and support!

We Love you all!

Nathan, Kristina & Jaylie

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