Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jaylie - New Beginning - Welcome home! (4months 1 week 1day)

Jaylie is home!

Is that amazing to say or what!?!

It's hard to put into words the significance of Jaylie actually being cleared to leave the hospital and come home. It is a moment in life that feels to good to be true - a true testament of a miracle manifested before our eyes the very moment we walked out the front doors of the hospital. A true moment when falling on your knees and worshiping God is the only true justice one can do for a moment like this.

If you think about it, 1 year and 1/2 ago, Kristina's Dr's advised if she did not take steps to become pregnant right away or have surgery she would be putting her life in jeopardy due to an extreme case of endometriosis. 6 month later Kristina and I embarked on the extreme roller coaster ride know as In Vitro Fertilization (aka IVR) to try and conceive due to medical challenges. The IVF roller coaster was extremely costly mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

5 months after starting the IVF roller coaster ride, Kristina and I were very encouraged to hear the process was a wonderful success in all ways possible, we thought we were in the clear and would become normal parents in 9 months or so.
5 months after we found out Kristina was pregnant one of the best and highly experienced Neonatologist (along with 5 other highly qualified Dr's) in WA advised the best Kristina and I could have hoped for would be for Jaylie to survive in Kristina's womb for a couple of days and then Jaylie would most-likely pass away due to the placenta not providing Jaylie what she needed - one Dr even mentioned the option of abortion...

At this moment in time both Kristina and I have invested a tremendous amount of time energy, prayer and finances into this pregnancy - the news advising our new baby would be lost would be devastating to any new parents. With our history to this point receiving this news was just short of earth shattering. For me personally, the threads of hope I could hold on to were the assurance God would never leave us nor forsake us and knowing the IVF process had gone so well. If it was God’s will for Jaylie to pass, we could start all over again.

I am a very logical person. I do believe in the word of God, His power and His promises. I do believe in miracles and God's ability to do miracles. Looking at all the circumstances logically, I knew the chances Jaylie would survive would be about the same a hitting the lottery - sure it happens, but do you know anyone personally that has won the lottery? So, being the logical person I am, we started preparing for the most logical outcome, Jaylie passing, but with the caveat we will give God every opportunity to work a miracle in our lives, believing in His power, and believing if it be His will He would provide us a miracle.

At the point Kristina and I received the news Jaylie most-likely would not survive, we turned her life over to God and prayed that His will be done in all of our lives - this really was the only logical decision to do. If Kristina and I tried to carry this burden on our shoulders we would have been destroyed by it.

Fast-forward to now… After 130 days in the hospital, Jaylie is in good health and at home safely! Amazing eh!?! Before this experience I could not say I have seen a miracle before my very eyes. I can now say I’ve seen a miracle come to life before my very eyes.

He is risen!

Thank you all for your love, prayer and support. It has truly paid off!

This miracle we now are the proud parents of would not be possible without your prayer and support. You have truly given us a gift we cannot repay!

We love you all!


Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Here are a couple of video's:


  1. I have been following your journey since Jaylie was born and I cried like a baby when I read that you finally have your baby at home like the rest of us. I am so happy for you guys and she truly is a precious miracle!

  2. Congrats! I am so glad she is home! and her weight is amazing! over 5 lbs! I cried looking at her pictures. It is hard to believe it is the same baby. God is good. :)

  3. I just want to say congratulations. I am on the Feb 2010 board at Babycenter.com and I saw your original post asking for prayers when you first found out there were problems with the placenta. I have never posted before - I imagine I am like many people who read and were touched by your struggle, and I've been rooting for you and your little one. It's really an amazing story and I wish you all the best. She is adorable. You're writing is really touching and inspiring - I hope that people out there who are struggling with similar issues will find your site and your posts. Your family has so much love, it is beautiful.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words. It's inspiring to hear the sharing of our challeges and triumphs are helpful to others. We really could not have gotten this far without your prayers and support. Thank you!