Monday, October 4, 2010

Jaylie - 10 months 2weeks -- ER Visit -- UPDATE: 11:57 PM

Jaylie had something similar to a seizure @ around 545PM today where she stopped breathing for a few seconds and started to turn a blue. Kristina and I immediately went into crisis mode. I told Kristina to call 911 because Jaylie wasn't breathing while I worked with Jaylie to get her breathing again. The only thing I could remember from our infant CPR class was to check to see if Jaylie was breathing and if she was to lay her on her stomach slightly declined and pat on her back, of which I did, periodically checking to see if she was breathing or not. Jaylie was slightly breathing every second or two, so I continued to keep her at a decline and pat her back until she coughed a bit and started breathing again. By this time Kristina had gotten a hold of 911 and had them dispatch a medic to our house. Before the medic could arrive Kristina was able to flag down our neighbor whom is a certified NR whom rushed in and took over while we were waiting for the medics to arrive. Once the medics arrived Jaylie was breathing normally and her color was back to normal but was acting a bit lethargic. The medics advised Jaylie needed to be take to the hospital right away and asked which hospital we wanted her taken to, either Valley Medical center (closest to our house) or Swedish Medical center ( the hospital that has treated Jaylie all along). We decided Swedish would be the best choice in this circumstance due to Swedish having all of her medical history. The medics were local firefighter medics and could not transport us to Swedish due to the distance and advised they would have to call a private transportation company to transport us if so choose to. They advise we would have to wait for the transportation company to arrive if we so chose to. Since the medics advised Jaylie was stable enough to be transported without any assistance, I advised them we (Kristina and I) would not wait for the private transportation company to arrive and would transport Jaylie to Swedish right now. Kristina and I immediately jumped in the car and drove up to Swedish. Upon arrival, Swedish took us in right away and started to take tests, vital signs and rule out possible causes for the seizure.

As it sits right now, the Dr's have advised early child seizures are common and are only medically treated if they last longer than 5 minutes. The Dr's advised seizures less than 15 mins usually do not cause damage to children at this age.

Right now we are sitting at the hospital waiting for the final conclusion, but have been advised at this point it looks like they are going to send us back home because Jaylie is 'ok' and have scheduled follow-up tests with the neurologist this week to do additional EKG scans to look at Jaylie brain activity.

UPDATE: 9:38PM -- Looks like we are going to be admitted now. Jaylie exhibited the seizure activity while the Dr was present and so they are going to admit us over night at least.

UPDATE: 11:57 PM -- So we have been admitted just for observation. Jaylie will be seen by a cardiologist, neurologist, lung Dr and gastro intestinal Dr tomorrow. The Dr's have said they are not sure these episodes are technically seizures and could be what they call ALTE's (Appearance of a Life Threatening Event), or due to complications with the reflux Jaylie has been having. So what does this all mean, what is means is that there are no major issues they see with Jaylie at this very moment -- there are events that have happened which warrant hospitalization for monitoring and testing, but nothing conclusive pointing at a major condition nor illness, which is a good thing.

Please keep up in your prayers.

Nathan, Kristina & Jaylie

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