Monday, October 18, 2010

Jaylie - 11 months - Day 10 of ACTH injections

Jaylie is doing well, still eating like a big girl and has been pretty much event-less (no visible signs of seizures).

This is day 10 of the ACTH injections.

We have our first follow up visit with the neurologist on Friday. During the visit to the neurologist on Friday, they will do another 1-2hr EEG where they will monitor Jaylie's brain activity to see if her brain activity is still showing signs of seizures.

We have had to take Jaylie in to her regular pediatrician for follow up visits a couple of times since we started the injections to have her blood pressure and blood sugar level - all is well so far.

Jaylie's progression this last week has been amazing! Praise God!

As these times are wonderful and memorable, I am reminded of the wisdom our primary Nurse in the NICU gave us the first day we arrived. She said "Your journey here is going to be full of peaks and valleys -- Really high highs, and really low lows". This wisdom has continued to be played out in our lives. Two weeks ago we were at a really low low and now today a really high high.

We thank and Praise God for the high highs and getting us through the low lows!

Being locked up in the house (due to Dr's orders in not exposing Jaylie to the work due to her compromised immune system) we were not able to church on Sunday so I turned on the TV and looked for a good church service to watch. I ran across this one #478 – Mountain Moving Faith by Joel Osteen. This message spoke right to my heart, encouraged me and reminded me how effective faith in Christ is!

Thank you all so much for your prayer and support it is a live saver!

Nathan, Kristina and baby Jaylie

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