Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jaylie – Day 2

Today is Jaylie's second day in the hospital. She is doing amazingly well! All the Dr's and nurses are amazed at how well Jaylie is doing being born at 27 weeks 4 days. The Dr's have take Jaylie off the ventilator machine and have put her on oxygen – Jaylie is now breathing on her own!

Kristina is doing very well. She is already up (abiding by the Dr's recommendations of course) and about and headed towards a smooth recovery.

Jaylie is looking, growing and doing even better today than yesterday! The Dr's are going to put Jaylie under some lights possibly today or tomorrow to help with her skin development and to treat jaundice but over all are amazed at how well she is doing!

The Dr's say it is typical for preemies to do really well for a couple of days and then take a step backwards or have bad days. They have advised to step our expectations for having good days and bad days – so far the first two days have been AWESOME days thanks to all of your prayers and support!

Pray works! Jaylie is living proof of this!

Thank you all SO much! Your prayers and support is and has been a life saver, is truly priceless and appreciated beyond what words can express.

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

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  1. We are so happy for you. Isnt GOD great He knew little Jaylie before she was ever formed and HE has a good plan for her to give her a hope and a future. He knew exactly what He was doing when He choose the two of you to have the honor of being her parents.Miracles all around. Thank You Lord!!!!!!!! Congradulations!!! Shes beautiful Love Jacob,Rebecca and Kianna

  2. Hi! I'm from the BBC February board. She is just beautiful!Congrats on your little fighter!