Friday, November 6, 2009

UPDATE - Week 26 - Part 2

Well, not so good news this week. I am currently writing this blog from the Swedish medical center as a result of today's doctor's visit...

Events leading up to today:

On Thursday Kristina went in for another Dr's apt at the maternal fetal medicine center -- during which she was assigned to see another Dr (this would be 7th Dr thus far) to complete another dopper and receive part one of a two part steroid shot. The Dr gave her the steroid shot to stimulate Jaylie's growth and development. They have also put Kristina on lovenox to thin the blood to the blood pass through into the placenta – a daily shot she has to self administer.

Today we went back to the Dr to receive part two of the steroid shot and talk to the Dr about what to expect going forward. During our +2hr apt today, the Dr was highly concerned with Kristina's blood pressure, so concerned she recommended immediate hospitalization. We were shocked to hear this news, but have taken it in stride.

Now we sit here admitted to Swedish for an unknown amount of time. The Dr's have advised they are highly concerned with Kristina's blood pressure and will at minimum have her admitted be here 24-48 hours. They are concerned Kristina may be in the early stages of preeclampsia, so they will be extensively monitoring Kristina and Jaylie over the next 24hrs...

Today sucked to say the least...

Keep us in your prayers! We will keep you posted!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

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