Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jaylie - Week 27 4/7

Well, we made it past Friday the 13th woot woot! After that Fridays scare, on Saturday and Sunday Jaylie’s heart rate numbers went back to normal without any abnormalities with the reversal in flow decreasing (which are both good pieces of news!). So Saturday and Sunday were pretty uneventful days which we appreciate .

On Monday, Jaylie’s heart rate started to dip down and fluctuate. All the nurses and Dr’s have openly stated they are quite shocked to still see Kristina and Jaylie still there hanging in there. We have far exceeded all the Dr’s best case scenario forecasts. If you recall from my first blog, the neonatologist we stop too thought Jaylie’s placenta would last anywhere from 3days to 3 weeks – here we are 27 days later with the placenta still functioning. The Dr’s/Nurses also mentioned, each day Jaylie stays in the whom that knocks 3 days of off the NICU (Newborn, or Neonatal, Intensive Care Unit) stay, so we are happy for every day we can get! I’m sure we would not be this far without all of your prayers and support! To have been able to stay this long has been the first of small of many miracle’s we continue to seek God for and are being granted!

With that said, it looks like we are drawing neared to the conclusion of this first step. As I write this, Jaylie’s heart rate numbers are dropping again and this time staying low, which is a sign the placenta is giving out. The Dr’s have Kristina on a 6hr heart rate monitor rotation (for Jaylie) – the started this rotation yesterday when Jaylie’s heart rate started to drop again. The Dr’s have scheduled another ultra sound this morning at 8am PST (which is in a couple of minutes). Based upon the results of today’s ultra sound, they will decide as to whether they schedule a c-section later on this morning or not.

Baring another miracle, the report is concluding Jaylie’s deliver will be most-likely within the next couple of days.

Aside for all of that, we are drawing nearer towards the 28 week mark which is another premature gestational mile stone. If all goes well then next couple of days Kristina is schedule for a growth and measurement ultra sound this Friday. Remember how I mentioned they will only do growth measurements every 10-14 days?, well Friday will be another 10-14 days from the last growth ultra sound, that is another major mile stone!

So despite what happens over the next couple of days, this week is a good week! I’m confident Jaylie is growing and doing well, which is a miracle, God’s answer to all our prayers…

I will blog again as soon as I can. Sitting down and writing this all out takes times energy both of which I am running low on.

Thank you ALL so very much for your prayers and support!

WE could not do it without you all!


Nathan, Kristina & Jaylie

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