Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jaylie – Week 26 1/7

Kristina and Jaylie have been here in Swedish for a couple of days now. They are stable and doing well. The Dr's performed another ultra sound, did measurements for size, weight and blood flow. The blood flow to Jaylie is still restricted, but has not gotten any worse (which is good). Jaylie has grown another 3oz's and is now up to 1lb 4oz ( 567 grams – they measure preemies in grams ).

Kristina's blood pressure is high and has gone up and down quite a bit, so the Dr's have decided to put her on blood pressure medication and heparin to thin her blood.

Kristina and Jaylie are being checked on a regular schedule (typically at least 3 times a day), heart-rate for Jaylie and blood pressure for Kristina.

It's challenging for Kristina to get rest with all the testing that is done every couple hours or so 24/7, but she and Jaylie are doing well.

The Dr said they are monitoring for the following conditions primarily:
  1. Kristina's blood pressure to reach life threatening level's (Sustained +160 systolic or Sustained +110 diastolic). Here's a link explaining blood pressure issues: High blood pressure

    The are also looking for signs of the development of preeclampsia which is the development of high blood pressure and protein in the urine due to the kiddies starting to lose their ability to function.

    Right now Kristina's blood pressure is high and a warning sign but the protein urine level is well below warning stages which is good.

  2. The blood flow to Jaylie to move from “absent” (aka restricted) to reversal. What reversal means is the blood flow stops and reverses for a period of time – this is a very bad situation. Reversal of flow is life threatening to Jaylie and/or can cause serious health problems like brain damage.

    If the Dr's see either of the two scenario's above (preeclampsia (Kristina) or reversal of blood flow (Jaylie)), they will rush Kristina into surgery for an immediate c-section to delivery Jaylie.

    Realistically, the Dr's suspect either scenario 1 or 2 to happen sometime before Jaylie's due date of February 13th. What we are hoping and praying for is for both Kristina and Jaylie to remain stable for as long as possible. Each two+ week period both Kristina and Jaylie continue to be is stable health is a major mile stone! Here are some details regarding the different gestational age births:
    Less than 28 weeks: CLICK HERE
    28 – 31 weeks: CLICK HERE
    32 – 33 weeks: CLICK HERE
    34 – 36 weeks: CLICK HERE
    The longer both Kristina and Jaylie remain in this 'holding pattern' the more Jaylie matures and grows -- this naturally maturity and growth is what we all are praying for.
So what does this all mean – well, the way I understand it all is this, we have made it past the “the only way Jaylie will live and have a heathly life is via a miracle” stage into the “You've made it past the REALLY unsurvivable stage, now you're in the 'not good' stage”.

With that said, all the prayer, support and encouragement has and is working! The main Dr we saw on Friday said she calls these babies amoebas because the live and thrive in an environment the medical community statistical says they can't survive in – they are fighters and survivors! Jaylie is officially one of those fighters!

We appreciate all of you prayers and support! They are not going unheard nor unappreciated!

Thank you all SO very much!

Nathan, Kristina & Jaylie

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  1. Praise the Lord! We truly serve an awesome God and He has his hand on all of you. We will continue to pray and stand in faith along with you for both Jaylei and Kristina to be sustained to the fullest. We love you!