Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jaylie's Born!

Jaylie is here!

Today, November 18th, 2009 at 1:48PM PST, Jaylie was born 545 grams (1.3lbs) 11.5 inches at 27 weeks and 4 days. Both Kristina and Jaylie are doing very well. Jaylie is in the NICU. I talked to the Dr's and nurses have advised Jaylie will be in the NICU most-likey until February 12th (the original due date) give or take.

Kristina will be here in Swedish for the next couple of days recovering from the c-section today.

Jaylie is very active, moving around, has good color, lots of hair, everything looks good, in correct proportion and healthy (even though she is VERY premature).

While delivering Jaylie, the Dr's found the umbilical rapped around her neck twice which was causing Jaylie serious problems! The Dr's suspect the umbilical cord issue most-likely was causing some of the heart rate issues we were seeing over the last couple of days.

Kristina and I are over joyed Jaylie has been born and is in good heath (besides the extreme immaturity).

I'll post pictures soon (my phone is charging). I am really amazed at how well she looks under the current circumstances.

Thank you for all the prayers and support! We really appreciate it! The support and prayers and really made a difference!

Nathan, Kristina and Jaylie

Here are a couple more pictures: HERE


  1. Nathan, thanks for the update, I've been checking the computer every 30 mins hoping to make sure all is well! Please give Kristina a hug for me and let me know if y'all need anything! Congrats to the new mom & dad!! :)

  2. YAYYYY!!! Congratulations you two she's BEAUTIFUL!!! I am soooooo happy!!!

  3. Glad to hear everything is going so well! Congratulations again! You two will make great parents!

  4. Thanks guys! We really appreciate the prayers and well wishes!